TOday's Innovators


The innovators within these walls are building upon the foundations of the past and are creating a piece of our community's entrepreneurial future.


Area 10 Labs

Area 10 Labs turns ideas into reality through a variety of custom software and hardware engineering solutions including, software engineering, hardware engineering, sensor development, product development, embedded intelligence, and sensor interfaces.



We create innovative apps and websites for brands with big ideas, from prototype to production. BrandHoot serves a variety of industries including healthcare, hospitality, startups, and more. Our Labs division actively develops new ideas into digital products and services, such as Rochester Now, PixelPress, and FanCoach. Our unique blend of strategy, design, and engineering is key to our results. Above all, we believe that people come first.


Bleu Duck Kitchen

An eclectic mix of adventurous and innovative comfort food in a modern restaurant atmosphere plus a space in the back for private events.


Collider Core & Collider Community

Collider is made up of two parts: Collider Core and Collider Community. Collider Core is a hybrid co-working and business incubator space that supports entrepreneurs and offers a place for businesses to grow side by side. Collider Community is a group that supports local entrepreneurs through educational and networking events.